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Xianju eight bowls

Xianju eight bowl is Zhejiang Xianju Han folk entertain guests the orthodox recipes, has a long history, authentic materials to produce stress, rigorous arrangement, widely applicable, profound cultural origin is Xianju Chinese traditional diet culture classic.

Eight bowl is divided into four bowl and bowl of the four, four bowls were: lotus seed (or white lentils), sea cucumber (or meat ginseng), isinglass is fish scoop (or pound meat), turn the meat bowl; four bowls were: (or) of water bamboo, bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots, fried meat (i.e. article tofu fried shredded meat or mushrooms), lamb (or cuttlefish silk), hodgepodge (also known as intestinal what is pig stomach, pig intestines, add tofu: cut irregular shape). Xianju has the characteristics of bubble and bubble in the dried skin "eight bowl", together with the dishes washing vegetables export.