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  • 1, How many people can form a group?

    Hello visitors, friends over 20 people and bring a good unit introduction letter (official seal) can buy team tickets.

  • 2, How to charge children?

    Hello visitors, children's tickets to height based on the division. Children over 1.4 meters full fare is 130 yuan / person, children between 1.1 meters -1.4 meters fare is 70 yuan / person, children under 1.1 meters free of charge accompanied by an adult.

  • 3, Is there a discount for college students?

    Hello friends, full-time college students with college student card tickets, admission, the fare is 110 yuan / bit.

  • 4, Holders of elderly permits, military permits and other documents, tourist attractions can preferential it?

    Visitors and friends Hello, the elderly, military personnel with valid documents free tickets, admission, the Security Department to check the elderly ID card and other valid documents from the special channel or exit channel release.

  • 5, Will the disabled have free tickets?

    Hello visitors, disabled persons with valid documents free tickets, admission, the security inspection of disability card, ID card and other valid documents from the disabled access or exit.

  • 6, Travel on the shopping store, into the store must buy something?

    There is no compulsory shopping rules for travel itineraries. Based solely on the principle of voluntary tourists, visitors are provided with the time to buy souvenirs. Visitors should always be optimistic about the quality and price of their products when purchasing the products in order to avoid fake goods.

  • 7, Is there any preferential policies for national holidays tickets?

    Hello cheaper tourists, there is no relevant policy, you can call ahead of time to consult.

  • 8, Is there a free-use wheelchair, where to borrow?

    Hello visitor, free wheelchair available, at tourist service center.

  • 9, Excuse me, I also want to know other details how to do?

    Hello visitor, there are more specific information on the area of service information, you can query the link to the official website, click the official website of the corresponding link to enter the page query.