Shenxianju Scenic Spots

Shenxianju scenic area is one of Xianju national scenic and historic interest area, representative is Xianju scenic area, located in Baita Town, with a total area of 1580 hectares. Since the 1998 business, who has been named "the most favorite tourist paradise of beauty", "one of the Zhejiang Province, five scenic quality", "Zhejiang writers base", "national youth I can experience base," Zhejiang Province photography creation base "and in May 2002 was named" National Scenic Area ". 2003 scenic pass ISO14000, ISO9001 certification, in 2005 to get the national 4A grade tourist area ".

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    Xianju County, Zhejiang Province wandelan Business Hotel (Taizhou) is a convenient hotel, in Xianju County Huan Cheng Dong Lu, daybreak Dongling adjacent eight major scenic spots, which surround the glenoid Creek, with thousands of years of history in the

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    Xianju red Mei with its fine quality, through all kinds of authentication and appraisal won a series of honorary title. "Meixian" said "Fairy" and "green" brand Xianju Yangmei and other six brand allowed to use the green food logo; "green cents" and "the

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    Xianju new era Studios is located in Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province Xianju Anzhou streets wear Town Road No. 280, a total investment of more than 1200 million yuan is Taizhou new era world chain business units. Is the third studios in the Taizhou area

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    In Xianju, lantern show has 2000 years of history, the annual Lantern Festival in downtown lights, Lantern Village downtown. Downtown all over the neighborhood village, usually there are Temple meet lamp, major celebrations such as the Lantern Festival ac